wvrjacom.com records your personal information in secure manner keeping in mind the concept of security. Privacy policy of wvrjacom.com deals with how information is collected and treated when users visit and access services on our website.

Website Visitors

Unlike other websites, wvrjacom.com usually collects public information such as details about internet browsers. This information are collected to understand which content users want to access more and what is the ratio of accessing particular service or website.

WVRJA also uses this information to generate annual reports to show usage trend of website.  WVRJA also collect information including domain name, IP Address, type of operating system etc. User does not provide this information himself whereas this information is used for estimation purpose in order to enrich function of usability in website.

Gathering Of Personally-Indentifying Information

Sometimes wvrjacom.com requires personal information of visitors based on interaction with website. WVRJA collects information which depends on the type and nature of user’s interaction.

Every so often users are required to register themselves to avail particular service on WVRJA. In order to register, users have to provide personal information then this information will be saved on other end to recognize user. WVRJA

does not reveal personal information of visitors.We use this information according to policy, law, and with rules and regulation.

Aggregated Statistics

wvrjacom.com collect information and make reports about behavior of users related to website by monitoring usage trend of website.

Protection Of Personally-Indentifying Information

WVRJA disclose personal information of users to only it’s those employees, registered companies and contractors those who want to apply that information to WVRJA  to provide services and strictly mentioned not to disclose this information with other source. If you are an existing registered member of website then you will be informed by latest features, offers and deals provided by wvrjacom.com on your E-mail address.


Cookie is used to store in computer of visitors which will help to collect data related to time and usage of website. Similarly, it  input a cookie to visitor’s internet browser which is use to give them a unique identity.


In order to set cookies, ads appearing on any this site may be delivered to users by advertising patterns.


All personal information of users and visitors are stored on reliable and restricted servers of database.


If we send you information by email related to new products or services that you did not specifically ask for, we will give you with an email id through which you can request no further notices.

Address Book Data

Each external address book data that a client gives to this site, access to will only be used for illustrated characteristic.

Privacy Policy Changes

It can change its privacy policy any time therefore we encourages users to visit privacy page frequently to keep themselves updated with privacy policy.

Contact Us

In case you have any queries about privacy policy of website or in general feel free to contact us by sending an email.